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Have you ever wondered what it takes to create a Pinterest worthy flatlay. Filled with delicate adornments, romantic stationery, and vintage charms. The art of the flaylay is rooted in intention, influence and a deep appreciation for beauty. Filled with soft muted tones, these sweeping displays showcase your bridal style in the most romantic way. If you are looking for inspiration or at a loss for what to include, you have come to the right place. Let's dive in and explore how to create the perfect flaylay.

What makes a flatlay design fine art?

Art of course is subject to interpretation. So here is my take on flaylay design.

Influence and inspiration for fine art designs are deeply rooted in history, sculptures, oil paintings on canvas, and romance. The intention of the design is to create and emotive experience for the viewer. To tell a story of the couples love, their journey, and their style. Every piece is intentional. Working together to curate an emotive experience leading the viewers eyes in a particular direction. Composition and directionality help to tell the story, and highlight key pieces of the flatlay that deserve special attention.

Tones are soft and muted, and the aim is to compliment the stationery not overpower it. This doesn't mean you have to shy away from colour. Some of the most beautiful flaylays are colourful. However the colour palette needs to be cohesive and muted to fall under fine art design. Think soft peaches, pastel blues, dreamy greens and delicate yellows. Primary colours can be fine art too, you will often just see them in a softened tone and not paired together.

Pieces you can't live without

The main component to any fine art flaylay is the stationery. This design is forefront and drives the overall tonality, the emotion and style. Don't skimp on your stationery. It's easy to fall prey to using Vistaprint and Canva, but you are cutting yourself and your presentation as a couple short.

Investing in quality stationery is a must. You work closely with a designer to curate your entire presentation. From paper selection, colour tones, fonts, printing methods, foiling, details and more.

I just adore a full suite.

Think romantic invitations, artsy envelope liners, hand written return envelopes, delicate RSVP cards, venue illustrations, detail cards, and more. The possibilities are endless. This is your chance to deliver all the important details to your guests in a memorable and beautiful way.

Want that ultra luxury fine art presentation? You just have to experience the weight, craftmanship and romance of hand made paper. One of my favorites and sure to set your stationery and flatlay apart.

For a truly exceptional dive into fine are stationery, Alessia, Owner and Designer from Royal Stationery & Design is a top vendor in Toronto to contact.

Swooning for delicate adornments...

If the stationery is the base and foundation for your flatlay, the adornments are the sprinkles that add that perfect je ne sais quoi. This is your chance to style it pretty. Think petite, delicate and ultra feminine when picking your perfect pieces.

Common adornments used in flatlays are earrings, hair pins, garters, bracelets, ribbons and bows.

Pieces that compliment and add to your story.

Think of that perfect cluster earring you've special ordered to compliment your low sleek bun, your grandmothers pearls, those delicate hair pins that will bring it all together. All pieces play a role, and help to showcase your bridal style and aesthetic.

My tip... stick with pieces you absolutely love, pieces with meaning and pieces that tell a story.

One of my favourite pieces in my own wedding flatlay, was a lace bonnet that my mother in law tuned into a kerchief for me. It was my husbands as a baby and my something old as I said "I do" to the love of my life.

For my veil wearing brides, be sure to include those too! You may see your photographer laying your veil overtop of the completed flatlay for an ultra romantic feel.

Where does one find bridal adornments you may ask?

Blair Nadeau Bridal Adornments, based in Toronto, is the perfect option for the fashion forward bride, looking for beautiful and high quality bridal accessories.

A floral frenzy

Most, if not all of my flatlays, include a floral component.

Let's face it, flowers make everything better.

The most beautiful blooms have the ability to compliment or completely overpower your flaylay. So be careful when choosing which blooms are right for your aesthetic. Stay in soft neutral colour palettes, include a variety of types and sizes.

Decide who is the star and who is playing the supporting roles so to speak.

You will see in the examples, the larger delicate bloom holds the greatest focus, so be sure to incorporate blooms that not only lay flay but that play well with others. The Icelandic poppy shown below was an absolute show stopper, and I designed my flatlay with that particular flower in mind.

What's the secret to picking the perfect flowers you may ask?

Talk with your florist.

They know your aesthetic, vibe and budget. They will be able to suggest particular blooms best suited for flaylay styling. Most importantly, communicate with them a need for extra stems.

Some of the best floral flatlays take between 12- 30 stems to create.

Simply ask your florist to set aside a separate bunch for your photographer to use.

Talk with your photographer.

Communication is key.

I always communicate this with my couples via a final items check list and work closely with them to determine their flaylay goals. Be sure to pin and save your favourite designs for inspiration, and don't forget to share it with your creative team. Show us what you love and we can help you determine what is needed.

All of the beautiful blooms featured in this styling blog are thanks to eco-conscious flower farm and florist Heirloom Heather.

How to style?


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