welcome to my studio

A natural light filled, south west facing space, curated to inspire creative expression. Nera Studios is a visual experience for artists looking to create in a private multipurpose commercial studio. Featuring 14 ft ceilings, a professional glam and change area, and multiple set ups, this space is perfect for all session types.

Located on the 2nd floor, Nera Studios design is rooted in mid-century modern pieces. Your booking gives you access to the entire studio space by yourself. The studio is made up of four sets:

Il- Soggiorno - The Living Room Set

Gather, converse and create in this mid century modern space. Rooted in texture, soft natural tones and contrasting shapes, our living room space has been designed to foster creativity. Perfect for all creative concepts from editorial fashion, to branding, product and family.

A 9ft boucle upholstered sofa grounds the space, creating the perfect area for portraits. Tables in varying heights allow for texture and depth. Two large 10ft and 8ft textured paintings add the perfect backdrop to complete our artist loft living room aesthetic.

The Glam Station

Perfect for professional hair and makeup artists, this custom 42" heigh vanity and 2 cool white light hollywood mirrors set the scene for beauty perfection. Get ready for your photoshoot in studio, or with your girls on the morning of your wedding day. Included in all studio bookings.

Il Ritratto- The Portrait Set

Bright and light filled, this minimalistic space fosters creativity through composition and lighting. White 14ft walls and sheer curtains over our large south west facing windows, act as the perfect diffusion and bounce for soft and dreamy lighting.

Acting like a v-flat this space is perfect for natural light portraits. Move the furniture for a clean cyclorama like space. Get creative with wind, and direct our industrial fan to blow into the curtains, adding the perfect textural element to your set.

L'umano- The Human, a living art installation

Our premiere art installation, featuring hanging and standing organic elements. Bringing the outdoors in. Step into this lush black velvet drape set. Our 20ft black velvet drapes extend along the floor, transforming this installation into a space that challenges you and inspires creativity. Perfect for editorial and commercial concepts.

The Seamless Set

Optional as an add on, the 107" seamless paper is the perfect multipurpose backdrop. From product photography, to headshots, ecommerce and portraits, this space brings the diversity you need. Currently 107" Bone coloured paper is featured, additional colours coming soon.

40 Mills Rd Barrie Ontario , Unit E appointment only